5 Responses to Products

  1. Christine says:

    Hi, I was looking at your jewelry. I found a lick on the New Hampshire Renaissance fair site. Your jewelry is beautiful. I was wondering if you have ever created an adjustable ring of a Dragon Fly. Thank you

    • amywheeler1961 says:

      Hi Christine: I haven’t, but I certainly could. Would you like me to make one and send you a picture? Might not be til Sunday, though. Thanks for visiting my site. Amy

    • amywheeler1961 says:

      Did you see the cocktail ring with the dragonfilies and crystals? It is adjustable. Amy

  2. Destiny Murphy says:

    Please bring octopus necklace to Renaissance Faire if still available & I will buy it. Thank you! ~Destiny

    • amywheeler1961 says:

      Hi Destiny,
      Unfortunately, I just sold that piece. I apologize that I wasn’t faster taking it off the website . Amy

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